The parking field

Signing up for the guided tour

The ticket stand and tour entrance with staff and volunteers

A tour group in the main room of the cellar

The food and drink stand as well as games from the middle-ages with volunteers

Part of the guild mini-village with (R-L) the roof tile kiln, hands-on pottery stand and the blacksmith stand

A close up of the pottery and the blacksmith stands

A demonstration into how to make a roof beam from a log and a vault stone from a block of limestone

The log is turning into a beam and the vault stones multiply

The stone carving lessons enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The blacksmith making tools, nails and trinkets

The roof tiles on the left were made in the kiln on the right

The potter teaching how to make a roof tile

Young enthusiast making a roof tile

Pottery and roof tiles baking in the kiln

After baking in the kiln these wonderful creations are ready to be enjoyed

Middle-ages pottery and ways the food at the time was prepared are presented in front a period tent

The charcoal oven is being covered with dirt using a middle-ages shovel 

An overview of the charcoal oven and candle making demonstration stand

Les Journées du Patrimoine

21 et 22 Septembre 2019